Orc-wardly Yours: A Small Town Cozy Monster Romance (The Lonely Tavern #3)

Harmony Raines

4.67 · 6 ratings · Published: 14 Mar 2024

Orc-wardly Yours: A Small Town Cozy Monster Romance by Harmony Raines
The kingdom has fallen, and orc, Kengar, is on the run with the kingdom’s last hope cradled in his arms – a newborn baby.
After escaping the siege, he finds refuge in an abandoned shack, only to find that he’s somehow stepped into a mysterious tavern in a strange town.
He has no idea where he is, but at least he is no longer being hunted.
But now he has other problems. He’s become an instant single dad and must find a way to provide and protect the last tie to his old life.
Luckily, there’s a quiet berry farm on the edge of town. The owner seems as sweet as the berries she grows.
However, seeking redemption, when his new sanctuary is threatened, he swears to protect it at all costs.
Nyara’s lying, cheating husband only married her to claim half of her beloved berry farm in order to make a quick buck. But if he thinks it’s going to be that easy, he’s got another thing coming.
She’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep the farm. And she’s certainly never going to be duped again.
So when she meets a hulking orc looking for work, she’s hesitant. But he soon proves to be hardworking and dependable as he strives to provide for his baby.
He’s grumpy and gruff, and definitely a little orc-ward, but as they get to know one another, Nyara begins to realize that he might actually be just what she needs.
So, when his past catches up with him, she’s ready to fight for him and their future together, even if that means sacrificing her beloved farm.

The Lonely Tavern series features standalone small-town, cozy fantasy romances where the stories revolve around a new, quirky, and magical addition to Wishing Moon Bay – A strange tavern run by a witch, who just seems to know when someone needs a little nudge towards finding their Happy Ever After.

Orc-wardly Yours can be read as a standalone, but this series is best enjoyed in order, starting with the sister series - 'Christmas at The Lonely Tavern'.

This is a feel-good romance, with some steamy scenes.

-Slower Burn
-Fated Mates
-Monster Romance
-Small Town
-Witchcraft and Magic
-Midlife Romance
-Quirky Characters
-Second Chance at Love

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