Single Daddy Bear Next Door: Thornberg Ranch (Bear Creek Forever #1)

Harmony Raines

4.50 · 6 ratings · Published: 25 Apr 2024

Single Daddy Bear Next Door: Thornberg Ranch by Harmony Raines
Camille moved to Bear Creek to start a new life. NOT a new relationship.
So when her neighbor opens the door wearing nothing, but a towel slung around his hips, and the cutest baby in his arms, she knows she is not going to fall for him…
Who is she kidding? Ezra is everything she could want in a man. But she is determined not to fall for the single daddy next door.

The last thing bear shifter, Ezra 'Kev' Thornberg, expects when he’s playing daddy to his best friend’s baby for a couple of weeks is to meet his mate. But there she is standing at the front door.
Soon, ex-soldier, Ezra is dreaming of the day he’ll be a daddy for real. But his mate has secrets.
And those secrets might stop their relationship dead in its tracks, before it’s even had a chance to begin.

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