Bearheart Protector (Bear Creek Guardians #1)

Harmony Raines

4.50 · 8 ratings · Published: 13 Jun 2023

Bearheart Protector by Harmony Raines
As the leader of the Bear Creek Guardians, it is Thane's duty to protect the town folk—and their secrets. When two hikers go missing in his beloved mountains, the last thing this bear shifter needs is a curious journalist poking around.

Even if she is his mate!

Soon Thane is torn between the oath his ancestors swore as a Bear Creek Guardian and the bond he shares with his mate. But are ancient unseen forces guiding him?

Sable came to town seeking answers about the disappearance of two hikers. She definitely didn't expect an irresistible protector to come ambling into her life...and possibly her heart.

Before she knows it, Sable is falling into Thane’s strong capable arms. And irresistible paws.

When the mystery surrounding the missing hikers deepens, these fated mates must find answers before it’s too late. But their investigation soon puts Sable’s life in jeopardy. And Thane must race to save his mate... And the future of the Bear Creek Guardians.

Danger has come prowling into these woods. And this guardian has scented his perfect match at last—if only he can persuade his curious mate to stand by his side forever.

Descended from the first Bear Creek Guardians, Thane is sworn to carry on their legacy. As leader of the six protectors bound by blood and duty, he has almost given up hope of finding his perfect mate. But in fighting for their future and the survival of his kind against dangers that threaten to tear them apart, this bear shifter will discover that love gives even the greatest of warriors their greatest strength.

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