Sailor Moon SuperS, #2 (美少女戦士セーラームーン / Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon #13)

Naoko Takeuchi

4.43 · 14 ratings · Published: 06 Dec 1995

Sailor Moon SuperS, #2 by Naoko Takeuchi
Bunny and all the Scouts are back in these new adventures of Sailor Moon. The greatest show on Earth takes a horrifying twist when the Dead Moon Circus arrives. Faced with malicious magicians and aggravated acrobats, the Scouts face the challenge of a lifetime. Once that crisis is averted, Sailor Moon and her favorite masked man are trapped on the wasteland planet, Elysion. Unfortunately, the Sailor Scouts are asleep in the nightmarish netherworld of the Black Moon. Once the Sailor Scouts have escaped from the Dead Moon's nightmare, they awaken to a devastating discovery: Sailor Moon is cursed Will Nephrenia's prophecy come true? Find out in these SuperS sagas.

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