About thebooknaut.com

When I developed the original site almost 10 years ago, I had a very simple mission:
To create a website that makes it super easy for romance readers to find books exactly tailored to their preferences.

Happily combining my love for genre fiction with my background in web development, it all started with the book finder. A unique interface that helps readers to find the most popular or newly listed books in their favorite genres that match their specific content requirements.

Since then we have branched out, set up thebooknaut.com and have added all sorts of fiction genres, from fantasy to science fiction, from historical fiction to classical literature. All fiction welcome!

Thousands of registered users keep adding their book ratings and reviews, contents tags and warnings to make sure that everyone will get amazing book recommendations based on the content they love.

What started out as a simple interface to look up books, has grown into a thriving community of book lovers.

Nowadays, thebooknaut.com also informs about new releases in each genre. And we use our detailed book database to make informed reading recommendations based on other books our users enjoyed with similar themes or plots, or find top authors based on content preferences. Users can also keep track of the books they have read and get stats about their reading habits.

I hope you, too, will get some great book recommendations browsing this site :)

Best wishes,
(Founder of thebooknaut.com)

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